À propos de la marque Erica

Découvrez Erica, d’où elle vient, ce que nous recherchons et notre histoire.

Made to last a lifetime

ERICA represents sustainably made high quality products and timeless design. We aim to create more space in bathrooms and optimize storage space with our Erica product range. All ERICA products are made from recyclable materials in our factory in Sweden.

All ERICA products are made to last a lifetime. We use renewable energy only to power our factory and source our materials locally. All to do our small bit so that our children may enjoy this wonderful planet as much as we do.

Timeless Swedish design

Ericindustrier holds in high regard the quality of the products and timeless design – the products are both designed and manufactured in Sweden. We have offered interior details, convenience for small spaces and easy instalment options for bathrooms and showers for over 60 years.

Our aim is to create more space in bathrooms and optimise storage space in our customers’ homes.

Ericsindustrier Est.1953

Ericsindustrier started its journey manufacturing a drying rack called ERIC, which was the name of the founder of the company. Later the company expanded making rods for shower curtains, bathroom shelves and drying racks installed onto the wall. We needed a new brand name for the entire Ericsindustrier line of bathroom products and decided to name it ERICA. The name ERICA represents the history of our company and binds together the product families and brand siblings such as ALMA and BEDA.

Our assortment of bathroom products ranges from durable shower rods to drying racks for laundry with lifting features and shelves that fit perfectly into tight corners or above your toilet. Ericsindustrier manufactures high-quality products that will simplify the way you dry your laundry and furnish your bathroom. Established in 1953, we still produce everything in our factory in Sweden.

Our story

How we got our start?
The company behind the Erica brand started way back in 1953 when a man called Eric founded Ericsindustrier. We have come a long way since the first laundry hoist left our factory, adding shower curtain rods, laundry racks and bathroom organisers to our product offering. Still Made in Sweden ofcourse

What makes our product unique?
We make all our Erica products using only recycled and/or recyclable materials and renwable energy to leave as small a footprint as possible. Every Erica shower rail and laundry hoist can be mounted without having to drill into your walls or ceiling. Scandinavian design and functionality.

Why we love what we do?
We work hard every day to help make Earth an even better place to live. Every last detail is locally sourced and carefully assembled in our factory in Töreboda, Sweden. We employ men and women and support integration by giving refugees valuable work life experience. We take pride in what we do!

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